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37th Division in World War II Video Series

Why it was developed

37th Division in WWII

In the years after the publication of the Crossen Combat Chronicles Text, E-text, and Video Series, a lot of feedback on related stories was provided to the author. Some of the stories were very interesting and could not be found in current publications. Whenever their authenticity could be confirmed and the supporting photographs acquired they were written up in 'excerpts' for future publication.

After the Crossen Combat Chronicles Video Series was developed it became obvious that the larger story of the 37th Division in WWII would be lost if the author did not publish the data. Furthermore, most of the new data superseded the Crossen Combat Chronicles Video Series. These observations led to the conclusion that Leaning Pine Publishing should produce the 37th Division in WWII Video Series and the previous video series be given away to interested customers.

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High-level overview of the video series; intoduces three main characters and tactical commanders and Congressional Medal of Honor recipients highlighted in series; provides reasons why viewers should watch series.

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Crossen Combat Chronicles

Biography of a WWII Artilleryman

Crossen Combat Chronicles

The United States Army's Center for Military History starts their various histories of the War with the:

"World War II was the largest and most violent armed conflict in the history of mankind."

No one can doubt this conclusion and this essay depicts some of that violence. It does not try to, nor was any attempt made, to explain the psychological effects on the combatants. In the Pacific Theaters of the war, no quarter was given, and none asked. There were millions of fighters and thousands more supporting individuals at home for every warrior in the conflict. No sane American, or Japanese for that matter, went untouched by their huge national commitment made during this conflict.

The Crossen Combat Chronicles focuses on Captain John R. Crossen, and his advancement to Lieutenant Colonel and the position of 135th Field Artillery Battalion Commander. To find out more about this book - read on.

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Systems Approach to Golfing

Specifically written for the amateur golfer

Systems Approach to Golfing

Learning to play golf well can be a frustrating and extremely difficult experience. What some of us have learned is that teaching someone else to play golf well can be every bit as difficult and frustrating! Chip Heyl's book The Systems Approach to Golfing takes the mystery and the menace out of both learning and teaching. Chip's contribution for the learner is to provide him a book that addresses every aspect of the game in a straight-forward, logical fashion.

The many excellent graphics Chip has developed present the basics of every type of shot clearly and concisely. For the teacher, Chip's System Approach provides an incomparable classroom resource which should help focus and encourage classroom participation and subsequent practice sessions.

The text and illustrations identify proven methods for practicing and playing, as well as for developing a shot plan and selecting the proper club. To find out more about this book - read on.

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Long View of Improved Putting

How to Use the Long Putter

The Long View of Improved Putting

Glenn Apple and Chip Heyl, the capable and persevering authors, have put together an enjoyable text for users of the long putter, who as everyone knows, have been mentally unbalanced by the game of golf. Glenn Apple is an exceptional player, recording numerous amateur wins with the long putter. Chip Heyl was a professional analyst and a competitive amateur golfer. Both bring their unique talents to the analysis and technical report that follows.

The first edition was a groundbreaking work, written when use of the long putter was declining. The authors correctly perceived that, along with the fact that at the time a long putter made people feel like lepers, a lack of information on the new tool was a reason for waning interest.

Thankfully, the information gap has closed since the first edition. A check of sites on the World Wide Web lists many references to the long putter, and for the particularly twisted, a number of these sites are listed in the bibliography. To find out more about this book - read on.

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